About us - Memory Records Prague
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About us

We are a Prague based music label passionate about soul music and vinyl records. And because nowadays genuine Czech soul music is nowhere to be found, we have decided to change it. We take up the torch left behind decades ago by the legends of Czechoslovak soul and rhythm & blues such as Marie Rottrová, Pavel Novák or Jaromír Löffler. In 2018 we released a 45 record containing two songs by one of these legendary soul men – Jaromír Löffler. It contains, on the A side, his Czech cover of Otis Redding’s Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa (Sad Song) that had never been released before and a very little known Czech version of the James Brown’s hit It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World on the B side. We also collaborate with contemporary Czech artists and inspire them to rework some of (not only) our favorite soul and funk tunes. And we release these tracks on 45s only. In 2020 we released a Czech Cover version of one of the greatest soul tunes that came out in recent years – My God Has A Telephone originally recorded by The Flying Stars of Brooklyn, NY – named Ach, Bože Zvedni Telefon. Later on we followed up with a Czech version of Mayer Hawthorne’s hit record The Walk named Celodenní and onother SP dedicated to Czech covers of Gregory Porter’s tunes. In 2022 we renew our collaboration with Jaromír Löffler and in early 2023 we released our first LP vinyl record called Jaromír Löffler & Jeho Kapela. And we have much bigger plans for the future. Get ready for us because the Memory Records Prague has got the goods to deliver!