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Jaromír Löffler

A lot of soul inspired songs were released in Czechoslovakia in the sixties. However, there was only one singer that could imbue his songs with such energy, vivacity and sadness – Jaromír Löffler. Unfortunately, not only the songs he sang may be characterized as sad – also the atmosphere of the late sixties in the country was sad and depressive and Löffler’s career ended before it had really started. Löffler emigrated to Switzerland. Thus many of the songs he recorded between the years 1967 and 1968 with the band Flamingo had to wait for decades to be released since the communist regime in Czechoslovakia at that time did not allow releases of music which was popular in the USA. One of the songs that had to remain unreleased for years was a Czech version of the James Brown’ s song It´s a Man’ s Man’s Man’s World that first came out under the Czech label Supraphon as part of Löffler’s compilation album first in 2017 though only in a digital version. This song appears on our 45 vinyl together with the Czech cover of the Otis Redding’s Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa (Sad Song) that was never released before and that was taken from an analog reel tape copy as the original master of the song had been lost. We released this 45 vinyl in December 2018 as a limited edition of 250 records so get your copy before it is too late.